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Six Sigma Yellow Belt


General Description

The Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt is a solid intensive training to build up the forgotten lean quality revolutions and know-how developed since the time of Dr. Edward Deming and Seichi Nakajima of Japan, as well as the basic Industrial Engineering Kaizen that are required for many aspects of Lean Six Sigma Implementation.

Detailed Description

The training focuses on developing the practical aspect of making process improvement to achieve Zero Loss (Lean) and Zero Defect (Six Sigma).  It is the only Yellow Belt training that fully transfers Real, Useful, and Implementable know-how to the participants to :

  • Learn What Is Lean Six Sigma
  • Know What To Measure For Control Of Quality Specification
  • Know What To Measure To Improve The Process Workflow
  • Identify Quality Problems & Constraints In The Value Stream
  • Implement Step-Wise Improvement Strategy To Make Successful Change
  • Institute The Right Control To Sustain The Changes

Trained To Become Effective Problem Solvers

One of the key outcomes of the Yellow Belt training is that all the Yellow Belts will become effective problem solvers in both Lean and Six Sigma Quality issues.  The modules are structured to provide the essential best practice know-how delivered in step-by-step manner along with essential practice exercises.

Who Are The Yellow Belts

The Yellow Belts can be knowledgeable employees who have gathered a lot of expertise in their jobs, or new hires who just joined the organization who lack the expertise on How To Implement Lean and Six Sigma changes.  After the training, they can either solve problems on their own or form Quick Response Teams to take corrective actions in their own respective areas.

The Yellow Belts are not stymied by the elaborate and time-consuming data-collection and statistical analysis approach of the Green Belts and Black Belts.  The Yellow Belts are trained to effectively Identify the Root Cause and Prove the cause using simple and effective probability logic.  So in this way, the Yellow Belts will be able to implement effective change quickly to capitalize on the process’s need for Change and Control with minimal Engineering Resource and Cost.

Information on Enrollment

This training is for those who are responsible for monitoring the process and taking corrective actions to improve the capability of the process.