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Standard Work Cycle Time Development


General Description

Standard Work Cycle Time Development can be conducted for organizations with processes that are difficult to measure because of their considerable variations – in physical effort, methods, and use of heavy equipment over unpredictable distances.

Detailed Description

Because of their variability, work sequence models will have to be developed to provide the necessary structural framework to develop Process Cycle Time within acceptable tolerance. The balancing concept and time slotting method will be applied to improve accuracy of cycle time application in measurement. Relevant sequence parameters will be identified for modelling. The conduct of professional time study will be taught over the duration of the training. The end result will be an In-house Process Cycle Time Data Repository that can be uploaded to the system to automate the calculation of:
a) Product man-hour
b) Product labour cost
c) Machine runnig hours
d) Planning of machine capacity
e) Scheduling of resource
f) Delivery cycle time analysis, etc.

Information on Enrollment

This training is for all industrial engineering, manufacturing engineering and system engineers.