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Statistical Process Control


General Description

This is the basic statistical training based on the principle of statistical normal distribution to generate probability occurrence of any events of interest. SPC can be effectively used for process control to determine the effectiveness of corrective action in adjusting the process.

Detailed Description

The sample size of process parameter data is collected and analyzed, and plotted on the run chart. Distribution patterns of the plotted points are studied, with the pattern and number of points plotted on either side of the Mean line providing clues to the probability of an event and whether the porcess is normal or abnormal and what must be done to correct the process to normal control. The training covers different methods for treating data measures and the many methods of plotting their distribution. Also included in the training are the many methods of measuring process capability and their relationship to Six Sigma statistics.

Information on Enrollment

All process engineers, Black Belt and Green Belt candidates and supervisors who are responsible for taking corrective action through measurement method.