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Theory of Constraints


General Description

Constraints are everywhere. It is either man-made, by policy, design control, structured deficiency, service performance deficiency, workflow deficiency, or by defects caused by machine or process insufficiency.

Detailed Description

This training has to be taught in the contextual scope of the application for:
a) Organization function
b) Administrative function
c) Production function
d) Service function
e) Resoure function
f) Time application function

Customizing the training to focus on specific scope is necessary to understand how constraints occur in certain areas and how they can be removed. The training will look at the value stream, examine every aspect of the machine and process parameters in terms of their performance, capability, reliability, time, cost, and resources applied.

The training includes:
1) Current Reality
2) Conflicting Resolution
3) Future Reality
4) Prequisites For Change
5) Transition Approach
On the whole, Theory of Constraints must be defined in scope for application. Once a problem issue is stated, it is said that Theory of Constraints approach is a wholesome approach to deploying the right way to problem-solving.

Information on Enrollment

All levels of executives from all functional areas of the organization should attend this training. It will help the organization to break out from limited traditional thinking in problem solving.