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Value Stream Cycle Time Analysis


General Description

This training is an extension of Value Stream Mapping training. Traditional Value Stream Mapping provides a helicopter view of the workflow to help identify areas where improvements are needed. This training will include Value Stream Cycle Time Configuration.

Detailed Description

Every product or service along the value stream has different process cycle time characteristics due to machine or operational design requirements. Many of the workflow cycle time characteristics along the workflow must be identified so that a common throughput rate can be calculated. The cycle time configuration adds to the complexity of the value stream for:
a) One-piece flow
b) Batch flow
c) Mixed one-piece and batch flow
d) Combined flow
e) Mixed combined flow
f) Ready inventory flow
g) Pull inventory flow
h) Single process operation
i) Multiple process operation
j) Repetitive work cycle
k) Occasional work cycle
l) Quantity feed variation

All the above process cycle time characteristics will be modeled for value stream cycle time configuration.

Information on Enrollment

For managers, engineers and supervisors who need a very good knowledge of Value Stream Cycle Time configuration to seek continuous improvement projects.