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The Benchmarked G8D Problem Solving course covering all the 8D Requirement of Ford Motor Problem Solving Methodology (Plus Search For Redesign Opportunity)


General Description

The training includes practice session for each 8D Innovation discipline as well as discussion and instructor’s involvement in making suggestions for corrections in the presentation of the practical sessions during the 2-day. The training includes a 8-page 8D document that need to be completed as the session goes along. This 8-page document could be customized to include special attachments depending on the depth of the data collection required. It is the only 8D course in the market with the capacity to seek Improvement and Redesign Opportunity for a Letter Permanent Corrective Action.

The participants learn each of the 8D Innovation with advanced methodology for problem solving Know when problem should be solved individually or as a member of the team Learn how to characterize a problem and take the necessary containment action ( 8D Plus Plus) Know how to precisely define a problem and formulate opportunities for redesigning robust solution ( 8D Plus Plus ) Know how to conduct a Physical Change Analysis before even attempting Root Cause Analysis ( 8D Plus Plus ) Learn the structure of Root Cause Analysis and the charting methods required Know the different type of causal factors and what kind of corrective actions apply ( 8D Plus Plus ) Know how to Search for Permanent Corrective Actions ( 8D Plus Plus ) Know what is required to Simplify, Standardize and Implement Know how to prepare the problem solving 8D report documentation Know how to manage change