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SETUP REDUCTION for achieving quick changeover with the world’s best AEP & Activity Motion Waste Analysis

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SET-UP Reduction For achieving quick changeover with AEP Changeover Model Implementation and Activity Motion Waste Analysis. Set-up reduction, an important component of the Just-In-Time system of manufacturing brings together powerful techniques for reducing the time it takes to changeover machinery between production runs. Why Is It So Important To Reduce Set-Up Time? Reducing set-up is vital to your company’s success because lengthy changeover of machinery is inherently expensive. It demands long production runs to justify its cost, which, in turn, leads to excess inventory and the inability to respond quickly to your customer’s needs. As set up times decrease, manufacturing in small lots becomes cost-effective. Smaller lots mean quicker and better response to changing market demands. You produce only what the customer wants, when the customer wants it and with perfect quality. In addition, short set-up will lead to : Shrinking lot size, Shortening lead-times, Increase plant capacity, Support Kanban JIT, Lowering inventory levels, Faster throughput, Meet delivery promptly, Increasing profitability.

What Engineers, Supervisors and Technicians Will Learn – Learn how to use the proper recording time sheet to record setup activity in progress – Learn how to make a Setup Process Study Analysis for single operator, multiple operator, and combination of operator and material flow setup activity – Learn how to use the changeover waste elimination chart to plan for implementation of improvement ideas. – Learn how to apply the AEP Model to make changeover improvement – Learn to identify and categorize all the different types of wastes in setup, replacement and adjustment – Learn waste-reduction principles that could be introduced to design, positioning, setup and material-handling – Learn how to undertake setup reduction projects independently and contribute to achieving zero-changeover objectives in the company.