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    Learn about the fundamental workings of the MOST® Work Measurement System and how it can be used to drive improvement efforts and produce Lean solutions in various industries from manufacturers to service providers.
    This report provides the details on how to use MTM for developing Work Standards and how it can be used in manufacturing engineering applications.
    This report explains how APRC training and consultancy can help your organization achieve shorter Delivery Cycle Time by implementing LEAN in all areas including fabrication, sub-assembly, sorting, assembly and finishing.
    Learn what is TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) and how to successfully implement TPM in your organization.
    This report provides information on the development of BSI Work Standard for Master Sewing Data. This information is especially valuable to garment manufacturers who are interested in adopting MSD for their cost-estimating system and as a means to deploy Lean Workflow in the sewing production line.
    Learn more about Value Engineering applied to manufacturing processes and product design.
    Learn why first hand knowledge of the Potential System Capacity of the main core function as well as the operating characteristics of the essential supporting functions is essential to Value Engineering applied to construction.
    This report provides a listing of courses that are available for in-house and public training in Singapore, Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong as well as other locations.