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Communication & Effective Presentation

For Improving the Effectiveness of Verbal and Written Communication


Course Overview

Communications is the lifeline connecting all functional activities of all organizations. Without communication, no organization can function or produce any meaningful goals and objectives. The goals and objectives are usually cascaded down as written communication to be verbally communicated to all executives and employees of the organization. All along the chain of communication, employees must comprehend the full details of the intended message and accept the legitimacy of the message that is being delivered.


Weakness In Communication

While the communication from stakeholders to higher level executive level is the prerogative of top management and is usually free of bias in understanding, the downward flow of communication toward the execution level faces the most challenges.


Managers, Supervisors, And Engineers Require Good Communication Ability To Fulfill Their Functional Roles

Personnel at this level often have to communicate with subordinate employees to seek their cooperation to:
a) Comply with organization regulations, policy and practices
b) Comply with functional working practices, procedures and instructions
c) Delegate daily work to employees
d) Meet with employees to engage in problem solving
e) Schedule work to employees
f) Conduct performance appraisal
g) Present improvement proposals to achieve desirable change
h) Deal with customer complaints and solve problems, etc.


Managers, supervisors and engineers will learn:

Verbal Communication
1. Communication skills needed to conduct meetings to achieve desired results.
2. How to understand different modes of communication for different situations.
3. How to avoid common mistakes in conducting meetings for groups.
4. What communicative style to use to achieve better results.
5. How to give presentations with confidence and receive good response from the audience.

Written Communication
6. How to structure written communication effectively.
7. How to produce effective written communication for many aspects of technical writing.
8. How to organize content structure for effective results.
9. How to adjust written communication to cater for the varying requirements of readers.
10. How to construct sentences to deliver the message effectively.


Course Contents

1. Communication Is The Process Of Learning
2. How To Plan For Effective Communication
3. How To Improve Written Communication
4. Business Communication

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