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Lean Manufacturing Applications

APRC provides technical knowhow transfer to up-and-coming engineers and managers who are responsible for:

1. Cycle Time Engineering

a. Improve Plant Capacity

b. Design Lean Continuous Workflow

c. Determine Machine Quantity by Cycle Time Balance

d. Determine Man-Machine Ratio

e. Design of Testing Work Stations

f. Decide on the number of fixtures

g. Design Cell Line(s) and specify the number of different work stations and operators

h. Determine the Cycle Time for each work station

i. Assign the number of operators to each work station to achieve optimal Cycle Time

j. Increase Capacity by Increasing Productivity

k. Compute the Cycle Time of Continuous Run Work Station with Multiple Input / Output Points


2. Lean Systems

a. Train operators to achieve the standard task time established

b. Determine the length of the Final Assembly Cell Line

c. Determine where to locate the sub-assembly work station

d. Determine where the WIP supermarkets are to be set up

e. Determine where the Pace-Setting Production should be set

f. Determine the availability of material and sub-assembly WIP to execute the work order

g. Determine how much WIP to hold at the material supermarket

h. Synchronize the many different modes of manufacturing production

- Overseas Stock Ordering

- Local Material Supplies

- Fabrication Assembly

- Sorting and Inspection

- Sub-Assembly

- Final Assembly

- Finishing Assembly

- Final Pack Line

i. Determine the Manufacturing Delivery Cycle Time

j. Track the Process Workflow for every product and semi-finished product

k. Conduct Kaizen Activity to reduce Setup Time

l. Reduce Material Kitting Time for products in the store


3. Planned Equipment Management

a. Manage Equipment Performance to Minimize Losses

b. Improve Basic Quality Maintenance of Equipment

c. Implement Early Equipment Management for Maintainability and Manufacturability



APRC training and certification programmes tailored to the above knowhow requirements include:

Cycle Time Engineering

– Direct Time Study

– Basic-MOST® System

– Maxi-MOST® System

– Admin-MOST® System

– Mini-MOST® System

– MTM-1 System

– MTM-2 System


Lean Systems

– Lean Manufacturing

– Kaizen Study for Setup Reduction

– Value Stream Mapping

– Certified Lean Leader

– Certified Lean Master


Planned Equipment Management

– TPM Autonomous Maintenance

– PM Analysis for Quality Maintenance

– Equipment Performance Measurement – OEE & OPE

– Planned Maintenance


Leadership In Manufacturing Knowhow

It is time to assume leadership by acquiring the knowhow mentioned above. Engineers, Managers, Advisors, or Consultants can be trained and certified via our Zoom-based courses. In this way, you can immediately climb the ladder of success in manufacturing, healthcare as well as other industries.


APRC World Class Training

APRC provides world-class training in the field of work measurement, cycle time engineering, TPM, and Lean Manufacturing knowhow. To find out more about our Zoom-based training, please click here or contact our administrator at

You may also click here for a list of training courses available and submit your request. We will get in touch with you to fix the dates for training (normally conducted on weekdays from 9am to 5pm).