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MOST® Certification Renewal

Renewal of 4-Year Accenture Certification to Apply MOST® System

MOST® system is a proprietary system of Accenture LLP. Users are under obligation to renew their certification every 4 years.

The practice of MOST® system is supervised by Accenture’s business partners worldwide.

Renewal of MOST® system certification is essential for:

  1. Maintaining MOST® System application compliance
  2. Maintaining MOST® System standard practice in industry
  3. Updating to the latest MOST® System analysis protocol
  4. Updating to the latest Operational Sequence Parameters
  5. Aligning with the latest trend of excel-based operation sequence analysis

APRC will conduct Certification Renewal for previously certified candidates who have gone through the requisite training conducted by APRC’s Principal Consultant and Master Trainer in Malaysia, the Philipines, Thailand, Vietnam, China and Singapore.


Certification Renewal Process

1) Submit the application form below

2) Upon acceptance of application, make payment according to invoice

3) Attend Certification Renewal Course and Pass Certification Examination

4) Certification renewed for 4 years


APRC will conduct a one-day (8 Hour) Certification Renewal course on the respective MOST® System for candidates. The Certification Renewal course will cover:

  1. Review of all MOST® System Operational Sequences
  2. Special-Use Applications
  3. Correct application with respect to Man-Machine operations
  4. Certification Examination Guidance
  5. Update of MOST® System Datacard Parameters


Apply for MOST® System Certification Renewal

Please complete and submit the application form below.

Application processing will take about a week and you will be informed of your application status.