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Controlling Quality with Statistical Methods



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Develop practical, results-oriented quality science skills and enhance your preparation for quality improvement management.

In a realistic, managerial-level environment, you’ll learn to identify a wide range of quality science problems and then to select and implement the best approach to their solution. From basic presentation of data to the use and understanding of statistical parameters; from acceptance sampling to control charts; from regression analysis to experimental design, you’ll always focus on the basic objective of this unique course  optimum quality at minimum cost.

“Controlling Quality with Statistical Methods” consists of three volumes, each contained in its own loose-leaf binder, and each consisting of five or more separate sections. Each Section includes one or more Skill Development Exercises, realistic simulated situations directly related to your working environment.

Your three course volumes:

Volume One
Collecting and Presenting Data:
Arrays, dot plots, histograms and frequency distribution, normal, Poisson and exponential distributions; mean, variance and standard deviation; a six step approach to quality improvement.

Volume Two
Probability basics and how to apply them; other probability distributions; all about sampling; estimating parameters, confidence intervals and attribute sampling; statistical decision making.

Volume Three
All about acceptance sampling; preparing and using control charts; regression and correlation; experimental design and analysis of variance.


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