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Invention Highway CD-Rom



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The Invention Highway CD-ROM with 12 unique and challenging games simulating real life experiences will get you on the right path to Closed World thinking, and it is this thinking that will help you solve real life problems and find breakthrough solutions.

This is the companion game to ASIT Premier  a revolutionary creative thinking method developed by Roni Horowitz.. ASIT (Advanced Systematic Inventive Thinking) is the result of over a decade of academic testing – it has been PROVED to increase levels of creative thinking in both adults and children by up to 250%!

Whether you are a businessman, a human resource director, an engineer, or a teenager, you will learn how to make creative thinking work to boost the productivity of thinking skills.

After writing his doctoral dissertation on ASIT, teaching ASIT at university, running ASIT workshops, and using ASIT to consult with top corporations such as Ford, Intel Motorola and LG, Dr. Roni Horowitz decided to follow his dream of making it available to all with an exciting and amusing computer game.

The real life problems in Invention Highway are presented with excellent animation and original soundtrack that you’ll enjoy immensely!


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