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Mastering The Tools Of QC



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Mastering The Tools Of QC: Learning Through Diagrams & Illustrations

By: Prof. Hajime Karatsu and Toyoki Ikeda

QC or Quality Control must be a company-wide effort for it to be a success. This is the lesson we have learnt from real experiences on the shopfloor.

While QC in America is centered around the experts at the workplace, Japan approached it with the main emphasis on TQC. TQC is accepted in Japan because the seven QC tools were created for everyone to use. Likewise, QC Circles became a success in Japan when these same seven tools were placed in everyone’s hands.

As in doing all things, there is always a trick or a cardinal principle to it. These will be explained based on the outcome of many past success and failures. This book will explain all these concepts in a simple approach.

ISBN: 9971-84-900-3

(Paperback, 243 pages)