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Some quality problems have fairly apparent solutions  repair a broken fixture or replace a worn tool. Unfortunately, the solutions for many industrial problems are not so obvious and their causes are seldom discovered, or corrected, without the benefit of a structured problem-solving strategy. Although numerous strategies are available, the one described in this book was specifically designed for solving chronic quality problems in manufacturing and assembly operations. Readers will quickly learn that the proven DOT.STAR strategy is not just a collection of statistical tools, but a step-by-step set of operating instructions detailing how to systematically apply the tools in the correct sequence, and at the proper time, to uncover hidden sources of process variation.

Targeted at those who face quality problems every day on the shop flooroperators, assemblers, maintenance personnel, supervisors, SPC facilitators, quality engineers, manufacturing engineers, and supplier quality engineers  the statistical techniques presented in this two-volume set are very easy to learn and apply. With all these people working to reduce process variation, your company will soon be achieving major breakthroughs in quality improvement on a regular basis.

Learn many practical ideas for collecting data, generating ideas about potential causes, verifying major causes, and successfully implementing cost-effective solutions.

Over 50 powerful statistical techniques are fully explained and demonstrated.

A matrix of techniques versus steps indicates when a particular tool should be applied.

Numerous flowcharts detail the correct application of a chosen technique.

Over 1,000 graphs and illustrations demonstrate proper data-analysis methods.

A multitude of real-life examples and case studies from a wide variety of industries illustrates the correct, and incorrect, application of the problem-solving strategy.

Many practice exercises are provided at the end of each chapter (solutions are given).

No special software programs are needed, only pencil, paper, and common sense.


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