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SPC In Action: Basic Training For Operators



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SPC In Action is a comprehensive training system that not only presents the concepts of statistical process control and problem solving, but also enables you to develop in-house instruction customized to fit your needs. This no-nonsense, easy-to-understand training system contains everything you need to conduct training at the operator level.

SPC in Action takes the mystique out of statistics. It is based on the simple premise that reduction in variation is a key to quality improvement. Before variation can be reduced, it must be understood and measured and statistics is the tool to do that. As such, the four workbooks in this system each tackle a particular problem relating to variation:

Workbook 1: Understanding Variation
Workbook 2: Measuring Variation
Workbook 3: Using Control Charts to Limit Variation
Workbook 4: Reducing Variation Through Problem Solving


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