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Strategic Direction Publishers (ed.)

 ISBN 3-908131-00-6

(13 volumes, 822 pages)

Portfolio contents:

The Company Audit Guide

A full introduction to using 12 self-assessment audits. A clear explanation of how to turn the data into an effective business strategy. Four sections: The Audit Rationale, The Audit Process, Audit Tools and Techniques, Follow-up and Continuous Improvement.

The Business Strategy Audit

Novations Group, Inc.

Plot how well your business strategy is aligned with company needs, and improve the way you develop new strategies.

The Customer Satisfaction Audit

A.T. Kearney, Inc.

Define customer needs; assess how well you meet them; evaluate competitor strengths and customer ratings; compare your capabilities with customer expectations; analyze cost, benefit, and risks; allocate resources.

The Cost of Quality Audit

The American Productivity and Quality Center

Cost of quality includes the direct and indirect cost of everything your company does wrong, late, or too often; in other words, the money your company wastes. Measure these costs and turn the results into a continuous improvement program.

The Productivity Audit

Andersen Consulting

Explains how to apply productivity measures to any goods and services. Use it to create consistent measures across your firm, plot progress by department, and cut waste.

The Environmental Management Audit

Arthur D. Little, Inc.

As new regulations appear, this audit shows you how to conduct a full environmental review. Use the templates to gauge performance, identify responsibilities, and develop a comprehensive action plan.

The Computer Security and Fraud Prevention Audit

SRI International

How safe is your computer system? Viruses, hacking, and fraud are a reminder of potential dangers. Use this audit to evaluate risk and implement controls. Answers 3 questions: Do we have a problem? How serious is it? What should we do?

Corporate Identity Audit


Learn all the elements of your corporate culture and how to manage them. This audit helps you assess your corporate culture and how to manage them. This audits helps you assess your corporate identity, then develop an Identity Program to correct problems and improve management control.

The Corporate Culture Audit

Novations Group, Inc.

The company culture, the way-we-do-things-around-here, has a decisive impact on your competitiveness and profitability. However you use this audit, it will give fascinating insights into the way your company works. Every organization should undertake it.

The Service Management Audit

Cranfield School of Management

Check how you match up to world class and competitor service standards, spot ways to differentiate your service delivery, and check how well you manage resources, service quality, and service recovery.

The Partnership and Alliances Audit

New Business Search and Technology Partnership

The first part of this audit is devoted to technology-based alliances in the manufacturing sector; the second part focuses on service sector firms. Use it to assess your strengths, weaknesses, and exposures, those of your partner (or proposed partner), and the merits of the alliance.

The Technology Management Audit

PA Consulting Group

Understand the technologies that you use and apply. Use it in a strategic review, a core competencies review, to anticipate skills needed, or to spot technologies that underpin your position.

The Logistics Audit

A.T. Kearney

This audit has six dimensions: customer relations, supplier-employee relationships, long-range planning, information support, continuous improvement, and measurement. Measure your company against an objective standard, gauge overall performance, and pinpoint shortfalls.


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