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BSI Direct Time Study

Establish Work Standards For Manpower Planning, Performance Measurement, Process Costing And Layout Planning


Direct Time Study

Direct Time Study is based on BSI standard methodology for conducting a professional time study by direct observation with a calibrated scale stop-watch that provides split timing memory recording.

It is of great usefulness in an environment where there are variations in methods of work and where the operational methods vary greatly from unit to unit and from cycle to cycle. It is also used in direct observation to verify the earlier work standard set by the industrial engineers.

Today, organizations preferring an easier approach apply the direct time study approach to seek fast solutions to redesign their process operational methods to make operational change decision.

However, like any other technique of work measurement, the intended users must be trained so as to become proficient to collect data using this approach to develop Standard Work Values.

Direct Time Study with BSI Tempo Rating is one of the rare training available today in the field of industrial work measurement. The skills and techniques of Direct Time Study are now available only through specialist organizations where work standards have to be established for process line balance and achievable throughput measurement. Unlike MTM and MOST Work Measurement Technique, Direct Time Study approach is the most effective way to measure work where the workload and operational activities involve considerable force, resistance and retardation due to difficulty in method handling and process method variations and where unavoidable process interruptions are part of the job characteristics. Under such condition, Direct Time Study can be applied.

In many engineering, warehousing, repair and maintenance type operations, Direct Time Study can be usefully applied to supplement the other advanced work measurement tools such as MTM and MOST.


What Is Required To Conduct Direct Time Study

Direct Time Study requires the Work Study Analyst to undergo special training conducted by a Qualified Work Study Engineer who understands the rules of:

a) Method study
b) Task breakdown
c) Timing
d) Tempo rating
e) Recording
f) Observation
g) Summarization
h) Study cycle

All the above requires the Work Study Analyst to undergo proper training for the professional conduct of time study.


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