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Certified Lean Training


Certified Lean Training

1. Introduction

APRC the world leader in Cycle Time Engineering is offering a series of consultancy guided application training in Lean System at several levels

a) Certified Lean Leader (5 Days)
b) Certified Lean Expert/Specialist (5 Days)
c) Certified Lean Master (5Days)

to transfer complete knowledge-based implementation know-how for implementation success. The training is structured at the appropriate level to the learning needs of the participants and is geared toward customization of the training based on the actual processes of the company. In this way, the participants will be able to apply the learned techniques to their own organization processes to make the necessary lean improvement.

Each of the 3 level of certified training is geared toward different level of needs in knowledge applications and execution level.


2. Develop The Lean Enterprise Resource


2.1 The Certified Lean Leader

This is designed to equip the Supervisors with the much needed knowledge to understand Lean requirements and how to ensure Lean Operation in Manufacturing. This training is a must for supervisors and line leaders who are more inclined to down-to-earth lean manufacturing applications of the day-to-day lean operations. The training will be entirely customized to in-plant flow processes and will develop lean applications that all can appreciate and follow. The training course contents and training material will be similar to that of the Certified Lean Expert except that the level of delivery will be made more easy-to-follow for developing lean solutions.

The Lean Leader also must be able to support Production Control in scheduling and assist operators in developing the optimal approach to Set-up Reduction, Equipment Management to reduce downtime and Quality Improvement to maintain high yield level. They will develop standardized operation to train the operators to do the same and work toward standard costs for each process.


2.2 The Certified Lean Expert

The Certified Lean Expert/Specialist is someone trained to understand how to analyze the workflow of the Value Stream and develop internal capability and resources to achieve non-constraining continuous flow. He is also trained in Kaizen know-how to develop effective Kaizen solutions in all changeover and all operational activities of work processes in the production.

The Lean Expert perform the role of implementation specialist across all the departments in the organization and offer his service to assist all department in achieving their Lean targets and objectives.


2.3 The Certified Lean Master

The Certified Lean Master level is an advanced Lean training taking the Lean subject into greater depth to that of the Expert Level for which they too must undergo the training.

The Lean Master is usually a manager or a senior level manager who is in charge of Lean Projects company-wide. In the capacity as Lean Master, they will be able to seek improvement in the Lean workflow in different factories and streamline the workflow not only for stable production but also for small lot, high mix situations. The Lean Master will be the master planner who will be able to establish the total information needs of the enterprise, establish technology for proper tracking of Kanban lot and develop a material transfer technology to achieve small quantity continuous flow.


3. Why Choose APRC As The Consulting Instructor

First of all, Lean means Workflow System effectiveness from Cycle Time and Material Flow perspective. Lean works toward small quantity Kanban workflow which requires many areas of knowledge domains covering:

a) Product Layout Line Balance
b) Cycle Time Synchronization
c) Small Quantity Pitch Time Standardization
d) Manpower Resource Capacity
e) Machine Resource Capacity
f) Transfer Bin Size
g) Short Transportation Time
h) Production Leveling
i) Spread Over Production
j) Quick Changeover
k) Kaizen Study
l) Equipment Maintenance
m) Process Mastering

n) Error Proofing
o) Andon Light Signaling
p) Jidoka Automation
q) Equipment Loss Control
r) Lean Equipment Design
s) Pull Kanban Types
t) Movement Modes
u) Process Lead Time & Cycle Time Synchronization
v) Supermarket Location
w) Kanban Location
x) Kanban Tracking
y) Picking & Delivery Inventory Parts
z) Supply Delivery Management, and more


APRC has over the past 30 years certified and trained several thousand supervisors, engineers and managers with many advanced Cycle Time Measurement Techniques and including many of the above mentioned topics in the manufacturing plants all over Asia.

In other words, we will be able to help you map your organization Value Stream Map regardless of your value stream cycle time complexity. This is because, we are the top Cycle Time Engineering professionals in the Asia-Pacific region.

As a testimonial to this claim, APRC is a business partner with ACCENTURE LLP of USA in the distribution of MOST® Work Measurement Solution in Asia; an Instructor member of UK MTMA Association as well as (CH Wong) is a Board Member of Institute of Industrial Engineers, Australia.


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