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LEAN Systems



Lean Systems design for streamlining process workflow is both a science and an art. There is no one fixed solution that can be applied across manufacturing, engineering, construction and service type activities. Even within the same type of service-type business activities, the Lean System Solution has to be tailor-made and all operational processes need to have its own process flow.

The Applications

The main issues in configuring the Lean System are:

  • The Continuous Flow To The Value Stream
  • The Takt Cycle Time Issue
  • The Design Flexibility Of Production
  • The Availability Of Parts And Modular Sub-Assembly
  • The Design Of The Pull System
  • The Cycle Time Configuration Of Every Work Stations
  • The Kanban Material Flow

APRC Lean System Experts

APRC trainers and consultants are fully grounded in the Science and Art of the Lean Value Stream system for all types of business operational activities. Every type of business has strategic gain interest to optimize the operational workflow for least cost production. Lean systems know-how is only one of the many technical areas to address to solve the delivery issue of the customers.

Who Should Attend

The Lean training are delivered at several level depending on the degree of operational know-how needed:

  • Lean Manufacturing – 3 Days Training-For all manufacturing personnel
  • Lean Office – 2 Days Training-For the administrative personnel
  • Certified Lean Leaders (Manufacturing)- 5 Days Training-For implementing in manufacturing and engineering
  • Certified Lean Leaders (Healthcare & Service) – 5 Days Training-For implementing healthcare and service industry
  • Certified Lean Managers (Manufacturing)- 5 Days Training-For implementing in manufacturing, engineering and warehousing
  • Lean Value Stream Mapping – 2 Days Training-Customizable for all industry


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