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MOST® – Maynard Operation Sequence Technique


MOST® WORK MEASUREMENT SYSTEM: For developing & measuring lean solutions

What Is MOST®

MOST® Work Measurement System is the number one work measurement system that is being used worldwide in recent years. It was a system developed by H.B. Maynard and now Accenture LLP of USA, the largest consulting organization in the world.

The Application

With MOST® System manufacturing, engineering, warehousing and services (including healthcare and food) companies will be able to develop their Get It Right Before Start and Do-It-Right From Start the first time. Technically from the design oriented application, MOST® technique will allow the engineers and analysts to develop the:

  • Cycle Time For Each Chosen Process Steps
  • Develop The Labour Hours & Machine Hours
  • Establish The Workmen To Machine Ratio During Operation
  • Develop The Production Line In Advance Of Production
  • Establish The Support Facilities For The line/Service Operations
  • Establish The Target Capacity
  • Provide The Operational Methods Sequence For Operator Training
  • Provide Accurate Product/Service/Cost/Estimate

4-Day Certified Training Course

This course will require at least 4-training days for completion. A certified certification is provided by Accenture LLP of USA for all who succeeded on the examination conducted at the end of the training. MOST® System can be applied to manufacturing, engineering, warehousing, services and administrative operation.


Certified Basic-MOST

This is the most popular level for all industrial applications covering almost 90% of industries. It is generally very suitable for measurement in:

- Man-machine production environment
– Material handling environment
– Incoming quality check
– Material sorting
– Packing and labelling
– Car assembly line
– Machine loading and unloading
– Cutting and welding works
– Machine setup
– Data entry and recording
– Assembly and disassembly
– Manual push cart
– Riding auto-mover
– Quality inspection
– Systems assembly
The resulting application of Basic-MOST analysis is establishment of standard man hours for:

a. Manpower and resource planning and scheduling
b. Capacity analysis
c. Process costing and estimating
d. Design for manufacturability
e. Production cell line design


Certified Maxi-MOST

This is mostly applicable to the engineering and construction industry, particularly in the following environment:

- Shipyard
– Building construction
– Rail line operation
– Engineering maintenance
– Aircraft engineering
– Vehicle engineering work
– MRT line maintenance work
– Site construction activities
– Construction engineering work
– Powered crane operation
– Powered truck movement
– Auto-vehicle transportation

The resulting application of Maxi-MOST analysis is establishment of standard man-hours needed for:

a. Manpower and resource planning and scheduling
b. Capacity line balance
c. Process costing and estimating
d. Design for project work management
e. Construction crew design


Certified Mini-MOST

This level of training is most suitable only to those industries in the field of Repetitive Assembly of relatively short cycle over distance of relatively same distance. Work that is by nature highly repetitive belongs to the following categories:

a. Data entry operation
b. Short cycle component assembly
c. Short cycle sewing operations
d. Short cycle finger counting and finger sorting
e. Component assembly with fixed bins layout
f. Minute assembly work with precision parts
g. Micro assembly work with tweezers pick up and assembly

The resulting application of Mini-MOST analysis is establishment of standard man hours for:

a. Workplace layout design
b. Cell line design and balancing
c. Process costing and estimating
d. Capacity analysis
e. Design for manufacturability
f. Production cell line design
g. Man machine ratio analysis


Who Should Attend

All personnel who are involved in Lean and Productivity Improvement, Cost Reduction, Manpower Planning and Head Count Control and Cost Estimation of New Services and Products should attend.APRC is considered one of the best organizations to learn the MOST® practical application for all types of industry. The instructors are officially certified in MTM, MOST® as well as MTS of GE Corporate Consulting Services (USA). Limited training in Modaft and Ready Work Factors are also available for in-house training on special request only.


For more information on in-house training provided by APRC, please contact the Administrator at: