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Methods Time Measurement


MTM WORK MEASUREMENT SYSTEM: For methods, design, workplace layout improvement and standard cost

What Is MTM

MTM stands for Methods Time Measurement. It was developed in the 1940s and refined for industry use with proper training and application and certification of the applicators by numerous MTM Associations and the IMD (International MTM Directorate)

Today, MTM Systems are the forerunners of precise distance measurement for Hand Movement and Body Motion. Because of its precision-based measurement, it is increasing used for Standard Database Data development for higher measurement systems.

Many industries with repetitive assembly work with short cycle operations will find MTM an invaluable measurement system that can be applied with very high accuracy in time at different pace level of 75BSI, 82BSI and 100BSI.

The Application

With MTM System, engineers and analysts will be able to:

  • Break down products / services into the respective component level assembly/service steps
  • Specify accurately the hand distance/body motions requited in the assembly/service steps
  • Identify their type and classes of motions
  • Develop the Standard Time
  • Develop the Labour Cost
  • Set reasonable product/service target
  • Provide accurate product/service cost estimate
  • 4-Day Certified Training Course For MTM-1 Base
  • 5-Day Certified Training Course For MTM-2
  • 7-Day Certified Training Course For MTM-1

The training curriculum and examinations are set and regulated by the UK MTM Association and the International MTM Directorate. The training is very comprehensive and demanding in terms of both theoretical and practical application and has very useful applications for Standard Data Development for all kinds of devices and tools that need to be manipulated with precision.

Who Should Attend

The training should be of interest to anyone who wishes to master Motion and Time Study, Ergonomics Study of the human workplace, design of tools, fixtures and containers and workplace layout design. And most important, those who need very precise and accurate measurement of short and repetitive process cycle of work activities to evaluate the design changes of tooling, jigs and fixture and assembly methods with very fine motions will find this technique very useful.


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