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Planned Maintenance System

The most comprehensive system to support Total Productive Maintenance


What Is Planned Maintenance

Planned Maintenance is a functional area within the organization that has been neglected for too long. Maintenance of equipment is the key to lowering the cost of production. Increasing equipment capacity is the only way to meet delivery and compete on cost.

Manufacturing today cannot be accomplished without good equipment performance and operating precision. In view of the very high capital cost of equipment and equipment spares, equipment uptime must be kept running without losses of:

  1. Breakdown
  2. Minor Stoppages
  3. Long Setup Time
  4. Loss of Speed
  5. Costly Maintenance


Planned Maintenance System is therefore necessary to establish:

  1. The key systems of the machine where components are subject to wear and tear
  2. The basic maintenance to be conducted with respect to lubrication, tightening and cleaning
  3. The detection method of wear and tear of components
  4. The establishment of maintenance cycle for Periodic Maintenance, Condition-Based Maintenance, Failure-Finding Maintenance
  5. The provision of adequate tooling for the proper conduct of equipment maintenance
  6. The provision of adequate spare parts to support failed part replacement
  7. Equipment Information System
    1. Equipment History
    2. Key equipment parts and their characteristics
    3. Critical inspection points
    4. Inspection and cleaning method
    5. Periodic interval servicing records
    6. Breakdown and repair record
  8. Predictive Maintenance Record of Inspection


What is Involved in the Planned Maintenance System

Planned Maintenance System must provide for a system of proper maintenance and repair of machine to restore their operating performance to original condition. This is normally done through:

  1. Equipment Focused Maintenance
  2.  Spare Parts Control
  3. Calibrated Tooling
  4. Equipment History
  5. Planning and Scheduling of Equipment and Manpower resources for conduct of preventive maintenance
  6. Improving equipment performance by reducing downtime, losses, speed losses, and yield losses
  7. Use of predictive maintenance technology to improve equipment maintenance performance


Organizing The Planned Maintenance System Is A Must

Organizing the Planned Maintenance System can only be considered when the Maintenance Engineers and technicians understand what is involved in making the Planned Maintenance System work. It is for this most fundamental reason that APRC developed a comprehensive training course covering many of the key topics of Planned Maintenance System.


How APRC Can Help You

APRC can help to transform your Maintenance Department with the right Planned Maintenance System education for your staff.

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