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PM Analysis 

TPM Best Practice Training for engineers, technicians and maintenance personnel to identify the right physical cause for correct countermeasure development


What Is PM Analysis?

PM Analysis stands for Phenomena Mechanism Analysis based on TPM’s Best Practice to change the equipment condition by correctly identifying machine mechanism physical roots for development of effective countermeasures. By using PM Analysis approach, engineers and technicians will think in terms of physical change taking place at the physical level so as to understand the correct way to identify the physical effect.

PM Analysis Advances the Correct Way to Conduct Investigation into Equipment Physical Roots

PM Analysis is also known in Japan as the advanced quality search engine for problem solving. It begins with the identification of Phenomena of an event before Physical Analysis is conducted. The methodology develops a thinking process to equip the problem solvers with a discerning mind for details that are often overlooked. The conventional approach to problems such as 5-Why technique, 8D approach, and the so-called creative problem solving method, etc. utilizes common sense thinking and a general procedural process. The conventional approach is adequate for general problem solving of non-technical nature as it relies on thinking schema which is rather general in nature. Applicators of this general approach do not have a proper grasp of thinking process in technical problem solving and tend to make misjudgment and inconsistent analysis.

For these reasons many technical deficiencies exist within the conventional approach. Technical problem solving relies on a knowhow and logic-based system structure to focus on the core specific function, elements, or the phenomena that has to be addressed. Conducting a Root Cause Failure Analysis requires a knowledge-based physical model to unravel the numerous interactions of equipment and processes. Phenomena Mechanism Analysis offers this breakthrough. Success in assured and productive solutions can be developed.


Why PM Analysis Is a Must for Engineers and Technicians

Many engineers, technician, and maintenance personnel have been at a loss as to how to apply the many problem-solving tools to identify the physical roots as most training courses miss out the most important points such as:

a) Where to look for the Physical Roots
b) How to find the Physical Roots
c) What physical principle to apply to verify the root cause

This problem is perennial and it is not the fault of engineers, technician, and maintenance personnel. The main problem they face is the lack of the right approach together with a systematic way to seek the physical root of the technical problem.

APRC has the knowhow and capability to correct this deficiency in industry.

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