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Six Sigma Certification




Our Six Sigma training is offered in conjunction with IQI Inc (International Quality Institute, Inc of USA). With our team of experts in various fields of specialization, we can cater to your specific training requirements.

Davis Bothe sits on the current Six Sigma Educational Board of ASQC. He is one of the top world class authorities on the subject of:

  • Process Quality Measurement –  2 Days
  • Long & Short Run Statistical Process Capability –  3 Days
  • Process Capability Study – 2 Days
  • Design of Experiment – 3 Days
  • DOE Design Matrix – 2 Days
  • Quality Diagnostics – 2 Days
  • R and R Study – 2 Days

Andy Sleeper works hand-in-hand with APRC to provide world class training on:

  • Design of Experiments – 3 Days
  • Mini-Tab Quality Application – 3 Days
  • Mini-Tab Quality Measurement For Intermediate & Advanced Level – 5 Days

Dr. Dean Stamatis has worked with APRC for more than 10 years. He is a Six Sigma Management trainer and is also a Master Black Belt.

Together with Davis Bothe and Andy Sleeper, he has authored many popular books on Six Sigma topics. His favourite training includes:

  • FMEA – 2 Days
  • Six Sigma For Management – 2 Days
  • Quality Function Deployment – 2 Days
  • Team Based Management – 2 Days
  • Six Sigma Quality Management – 2 Days
  • Supply Chain Management – 2 Days
  • Project Planning Management – 2 Days

Dr. Eden Chen is a world class FMEA expert. He is well known throughout the world today on:

  • Failure Mode Effect Analysis – 3 Days
  • HAZOP Risk Management – 2 Days
  • Manufacturing Outsourcing & Supply Chain Management – 2 Days
  • Practical Reliability – 3 Days
  • Process Planning, Control & Management – 2 Days

Robert Reid is well known in the world of Statistics & Change Master Process.

He has worked with APRC in training thousands of participants to bring about a Quality Revolution in S.E Asia. His training approach is usually highly creative and sometimes revolutionary in approach. He is voted as the world number #1 Quality Change Master by panel of experts worldwide.His favourite best-in-class topics include:

  • Creative Statistical Management – 2 Days
  • Practical Statistical Problem Solving Methods – 3 Days
  • Six Sigma Management Statistics – 2 Days
  • Organization Change Process – 2 Days
  • The Creative Organization – 2 Days
  • Project Planning & Management – 2 Days

Andru Peters is a well-known Fellow of APTCS and has conducted numerous training courses on:

  • Material Management – 2 Days
  • Production Planning & Control – 2 Days
  • Shopfloor Control – 2 Days
  • BOM & Material Requirement Planning – 2 Days
  • Supply Chain Management – 2 Days
  • Effective Purchasing Management – 2 Days

Robert Rylander is the world’s most recognized expert on the subject of Automatic ID and RFID Technology.

He has played a significant role in introducing Automatic ID and RFID Technology in his best-in-class training for industry.





Our Green Belt training can be customized to cover all the necessary statistics skill to collect process data and perform the required measurement to characterize the process. The additional required skill set all Green Belts must have is how to set the quality target for different stages of the manufacturing / service jobs in progress so as to provide required high yield expectation of the customers. We have already successfully conducted many training of this nature for Rolls-Royce Joint Venture Group.


Our Black Belt training covers all the basic essentials of the Green Belt plus the advanced topics on statistical measurement and analysis quality diagnostics, reliability and repeatability study, inferential statistical methods, statistical probability analysis, root cause analysis, statistical design of experiments and essential lean value stream mapping, and cycle time engineering know-how. The total training could vary from 12 days to 20 days depending on the level of customization required. Our clients include Rolls-Royce Joint Venture Group.


The Yellow Belt training is usually customized to fulfill the needs of management staff that normally play the role of Champion for the Lean Six Sigma activities in the organization. Although, they do not need the levels of details that are taught in the Green Belt and Black Belt training, they nevertheless, need to have the knowledge in:

  • Essential Quality Statistical Know-how Of Quality Measurement
  • Six Sigma Statistical Principles
  • The Quality Improvement Process
  • The Overall Value Stream Mapping Of The Organization
  • The Project Management Process
  • The Six Sigma Organization

The Yellow Belt candidates do not have to undertake project work. However, they will have to display, how they could initiate, motivate, support Six Sigma projects within their own departmental organization.


APRC has the expertise to conduct Business Operational Excellence audit with or without the use of check-list-type Assessment Instrument. The Business Operational Excellence audit will include surveying the organization climate with reference to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) that should be in place and to what extent the organization has achieved what they have embarked upon. Essentially, GMP will cover the most important issues that are essential to the company success, including:

  • Product Contribution To Profit
  • Cost Reduction Activities
  • Asset Care Management
  • Manufacturing Strategies
  • Product Marketing Strategies
  • Sales Management Strategies
  • Supply Chain Management Strategies

All the above will involve a team of experts and interested parties should be able to commit initial up front cost that will involve 3 stages of development :

  • The Background Study Proposal
  • The Audit Report
  • The Application Guided Training & Implementation


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