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TPM Autonomous Control



Since the infancy of TPM introduction, APRC has been at the forefront of TPM research, being the first in Singapore to gain TPM know-how from Seichi Nagajima of Japan as well from the top TPM forerunners in USA, Edward Hartmann and Terry Wireman.

APRC TPM activities began to spread far and wide all over S.E Asia. This was because APRC was able to introduce TPM to the local industry context with definable step-by-step program, which include Activities, Targets and Measurement Methods, and how production can meet the TPM Targets with good training and practice.

With the collaboration of several world-class TPM experts of Japan and USA, APRC was able to provide industry-wide TPM training and consultancy in:-

  • TPM For Top Management (1 Day Training)
  • Jishu Hozen Autonomous Maintenance (3 Days Training)
  • Kobetsu Kaizen Focused Equipment Improvement (2 Days Training)
  • Planned Maintenance Preventive & Predictive Maintenance (2 Days Training)
  • TPM OEE & OPE Equipment & Production Flow Loss Analysis (2 Days Training)

The secret of APRC ‘s TPM successful approach was the industry acceptance of:

  • Unique TPM Principle
  • Its Change Philosophy
  • Ease Of Implementable Steps For Operator
  • Ease Of Implementable Steps For Technician
  • Ease Of Implementable Steps For Engineers & Managers
  • Sustainable Change Process For Cultural Transformation

Today many companies have lost momentum in TPM Implementation because of the emphasis of Six-Sigma and Lean. Finally, after the Lean Six-Sigma implementation waves, manufacturing all over the world will still have to ensure continued machine, equipment performance reliability for high yield and low loss of capacity.

And that means everyone in the organization has to take on the responsibility of maintaining and enhancing asset performance. TPM activities have to become part of the employees’ job function.

TPM Application

Properly implemented TPM Activities in manufacturing will result in:

  • Cultural Transformation of the mind-set of operators and all level of employees on Asset Care Management
  • Reduce Losses due to low yield from poorly operated equipment and poor maintenance
  • Reduce losses due to poor methods of set-up, new product changeover, poor tooling, etc.
  • Reduce losses due to production line’s ineffective organization and low efficiency
  • Eliminate all abnormalities of equipment and subsequent malfunction in equipment and processes
  • Prevent and reduce the frequency of minor stoppage that add up to considerable losses
  • Prevent and reduce the frequency of equipment failures
  • Provide a systematic way to measure equipment performance and value stream performance
  • Encourage everyone to work on equipment/process improvement

Who Should Attend

TPM training should be provided for everyone in manufacturing organization:

  • Directors
  • Managers
  • Engineers
  • Supervisors
  • Technicians
  • Operators
  • Office
  • Staff


For more information on in-house training provided by APRC, please contact the Administrator at: