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Theory of Inventive Problem Solving


TRIZ INNOVATION: For problem solving and design of inventive technical solutions

What Is TRIZ

TRIZ is an inventive thinking technique to help everyone think differently about technical design issues, problems, or system conflicts inherent in product/service design. Its main objective is to help everyone apply a set of thinking tools in a methodological way so that new breakthrough solutions become evidently clear.

The end result is a new way to solve the technical problem to resolve current system conflicts that were thought to be unavoidable.

Genrich Altshuller a Russian developed TRIZ by studying several hundred thousand design patterns. His systematic study of similarity in patterns in Space, Time, Conditions, etc of product design led him to develop the Inventive Principles known today as TRIZ.

Where IS TRIZ Used

Today, TRIZ is used to forecast long term business direction for growth opportunities through new product introduction. World Class Companies like FORD, Proctor and Gamble, Unilever, Boeing, Motorola, Samsung, etc are using TRIZ to train their employees. These companies are seeking newer and faster ways to solve technical problems as well as to develop new design to add years to their product life cycle and maintain continued sustainable market share.

The Applications

  • TRIZ provides a systematic analysis to examine the technical conflicts of a system
  • TRIZ provides a way to zoom in and conduct a systematic search for resources within the system itself
  • TRIZ provides separation rules that can be used to design out system conflicts
  • ARIZ is a set of TRIZ Algorithm that is being used to develop Ideal Solution
  • TRIZ and ARIZ can be used to solve technical problems
  • TRIZ way provides a Quick Search to look for the cause
  • TRIZ way provides innovative and inventive solution of a higher order

2 to 3 Days Training Course

The training of TRIZ can be conducted over 2 to 3 days depending on the number of technical problems to be solved. It can be conducted for all staff to provide a new wave of cultural change to propel every employee to a new way of thinking to achieve fast new solutions.

Who Should Attend

Every employee in all departments should be exposed to TRIZ way of thinking. Particularly, research and design team, procurement and purchasing, manufacturing, engineering and production and marketing. No one should be left out as it provides a new way of thinking to search for the solutions on the ideality.


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