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Training On Request

APRC provides training on request for companies interested in in-house training or training for just a small number of employees. APRC caters to small class training to meet the needs of industry for specialised training to enhance the technical knowhow and expertise of employees for:

a) Skill development

b) Projects to be undertaken in-house

c) Taking on new functional roles

d) Support with technical knowhow to work with corporate consultants

e) Improving personal capability


APRC training courses are conducted by consultants with hands-on experience who will be able to share practical implementation knowhow with participants.

Besides the usual powerpoint presentations, participants will be taken through numerous exercises, illustrations, implementation steps as well as question and answer sessions directly addressing the unique problems faced by participants.


Training With Consultancy Guided Application

APRC training is focused on adding technical knowhow:

a) Enhance understanding

b) Enhance skills to apply the knowledge

c) Avoid pitfalls in implementation

d) Step-by-step implementation with progress milestone to measure progress

e) Guided implementation for project milestone

f) Conduct audit to measure achievement

g) Raise proficiency in the subject matter to perform the required corporate functional role


Training Venue

For large enrollments, training is usually held in a public venue such as local hotel function rooms. For smaller class sizes, training can be conducted in the training area in our office. Clients can also request for in-house training to be conducted in their own premises. Courses will proceed as long as there are participants interested in attending.


How To Request For Training

Please click here for a list of training courses available and submit your request. We will get in touch with you to fix the dates for training (normally conducted on weekdays from 9am to 5pm).

You may also view our Course Calendar for scheduled courses.

If you have further queries, please click here.