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Buildings and Grounds Maintenance

Provide your workforce the skills required to maintain a physical plant, both inside and out with TPC’s Building and Grounds Maintenance training series. This series of courses gives trainees the essential skills and knowledge for repairing and maintaining plumbing systems, building and repairing a flat-roof structure, maintaining the building grounds, and installing and maintaining locks and key systems.

Unit 361: A Maintenance Trainee's Introduction to Carpentry ($100)

Gives the new trainee a grasp of the basics of carpentry. Aims to familiarize persons who have had no carpentry experience with the tools and materials of the trade. Covers specifications, estimating procedures, codes, and how to read prints and plans.

Lesson 1 – Layout and Hand Tools

Lesson 2 – Carpenter’s Power Tools

Lesson 3 – Lumber, Wood Products, and Fasteners

Lesson 4 – Estimating Carpentry Costs

Lesson 5 – Plans, Specifications, and Codes

Unit 362: Constructing the Building Shell ($100)

The course covers basic building techniques common to most structures, including methods of laying foundations, framing, covering walls, and roofs.

Lesson 1 – Footings, Foundations, and Forms

Lesson 2 – Framing the Structure

Lesson 3 – Framing the Roof with a Framing Square

Lesson 4 – Installing Windows and Exterior Doors

Lesson 5 – Installing Roofing and Siding

Unit 363: Finishing the Building Interior ($100)

The Finishing the Building Interior course covers constructing stairways, installing doors, and finishing procedures. Emphasizes interior walls, ceilings, and floors.

Lesson 1 – Interior Walls and Ceilings

Lesson 2 – Laying Flooring

Lesson 3 – Stair Construction

Lesson 4 – Interior Doors and Door Jambs

Lesson 5 – Installing Interior Trim

Unit 364: Structural Painting ($100)

Covers the techniques of selecting and applying paints and coatings to buildings, inside and out. Describes the composition of paints and other coatings, and how to use brushes, rollers, spray guns, and other tools of application. Also describes how to prepare new and existing surfaces for coating, and explains the easiest, most successful techniques of application.

Lesson 1 – Paint Selection for Normal Conditions

Lesson 2 – Coatings for Extreme Conditions

Lesson 3 – Painting Tools

Lesson 4 – Surface Preparation

Lesson 5 – Painting Techniques

Lesson 6 – Ground and Aerial Supports

Lesson 7 – Handling Hazardous Materials Safely

Unit 366: Flat Roof Maintenance ($100)

Introduces roofing, including flat roof systems and various types of decks. The course examines insulating and water-proofing materials, and techniques of application. Discusses roofing damage, how to repair and maintain roofs, and how to make a proper roof inspection. Explains types of preventive maintenance, how to plan preventive maintenance, and how to select the proper materials to use.

Lesson 1 – Introduction to Flat Roof Systems

Lesson 2 – Roof-Related Components

Lesson 3 – Causes of Common Roof Problems

Lesson 4 – Roof Inspection

Lesson 5 – Preventive Maintenance and Repair

Lesson 6 – Single-Ply Roofing

Unit 367: Plumbing Systems Maintenance ($130)

Covers maintaining plumbing systems in a factory, plant, or other industrial or commercial site. Describes the structure and function of on-site plumbing systems (water supply, sanitary waste, and storm water), and explains how the major fixtures in these systems work. Tells how to take care of common plumbing problems.

Lesson 1 – Introduction to Plumbing

Lesson 2 – Plumbing Fixtures

Lesson 3 – Sanitary Drainage Systems

Lesson 4 – Vent Systems

Lesson 5 – Storm Water Drainage

Lesson 6 – Potable Water Distribution

Lesson 7 – Hot Water Distribution

Lesson 8 – Valves

Lesson 9 – Piping Assembly Procedures

Lesson 10 – Maintaining Plumbing Systems

Unit 374: Installing & Maintaining Locks and Key Systems ($100)

The course covers basic lock types: mortise, auxiliary or rim, tubular bolt, key-in-know, narrow stile, and unit lock. Explains how they operate, how to install, maintain, and adjust them. Also describes key control, master key systems, panic bars, and other accessories for building security.

Lesson 1 – Commonly Used Doors and Locks

Lesson 2 – How Locks Operate

Lesson 3 – Installing Locks

Lesson 4 – Maintaining and Adjusting Locks

Lesson 5 – Key Control and Master Key Systems

Unit 375: Landscaping Maintenance ($100)

Covers the major features of landscaping maintenance, from the basics of how plants develop to recognizing diseases and parasites. This course details the selection and care of trees, ground covers, flowers, and grasses.

Lesson 1 – Basic Plant Care

Lesson 2 – Shade Trees

Lesson 3 – Turf Management

Lesson 4 – Shrub and Flower Care

Lesson 5 – Pest and Disease Control