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Custodial Maintenance

The Custodial Maintenance training series is perfect for beginners in the custodial maintenance field, but each course can also serve to upgrade the skills for experienced workers. Each training topic will is designed for in commercial, educational, institutional, and industrial workforces. The entire series of courses includes 26 lessons that provide in-depth coverage of a wide range of custodial care issues. The lessons offer step-by-step instruction on custodial procedures, stressing worker safety throughout.

Unit 451: Cleaning Chemicals ($100)

Covers the safe use of cleaning chemicals, including the OSHA Hazard Communication standard. The course covers the basic chemistry of cleaning chemicals, then explains the correct use of detergents, soaps, solvents, disinfectants, and other cleaning chemicals. Explains how chemicals are packaged, labeled, mixed, and applied in order to make working with chemicals safer and the trainee more efficient.

Lesson 1 – Using Chemicals Safely

Lesson 2 – Introduction to Cleaning Chemicals

Lesson 3 – Cleaning Agents

Lesson 4 – Disinfectants

Lesson 5 – Special-Purpose Cleaning Chemicals

Unit 452: Floor Care Equipment ($100)

Covers many different kinds of floors and flooring materials in use in many locations. This course goes on to cover a variety of powered floor care equipment, explaining how to operate each device safely and efficiently. Explains how and why to use floor machines and vacuum cleaners and their various attachments. Also covers the use and maintenance of autoscrubbers, powered sweepers, pressure washers, and sanders.

Lesson 1 – Kinds of Flooring

Lesson 2 – Floor Machines

Lesson 3 – Vacuum Cleaners

Lesson 4 – Automatic Scrubbers

Lesson 5 – Other Powered Equipment

Unit 453: Maintaining Floors and Other Surfaces ($100)

Covers the tasks involved in the daily, routine maintenance of floors. This course lists kinds of floor coatings and the uses of each. Explains periodic floor care tasks step-by-step, and describes which particular methods to use on the various floors and floor coverings they will work with in their buildings. Covers floor care problems trainees are likely to encounter. Concludes with a lesson on the cleaning of walls, windows, furniture, and other above-the-floor surfaces.

Lesson 1 – Routine Floor Care Tasks

Lesson 2 – Floor Coatings

Lesson 3 – Periodic Floor Care Tasks

Lesson 4 – Choosing a Floor Care Method

Lesson 5 – Floor Care Problems

Lesson 6 – Other Cleaning Tasks

Unit 454: Rest Room Care ($100)

Covers the fundamentals of rest room design and construction and the elements of routine rest room cleaning. Covers the specifics of cleaning rest room plumbing fixtures. Describes the periodic tasks required to keep rest rooms in good condition. Finally introduces the trainee to the topic of disinfection, its importance in rest rooms, and methods of performing this task safely.

Lesson 1 – Rest Room Basics

Lesson 2 – Routine Rest Room Cleaning

Lesson 3 – Cleaning Plumbing Fixtures

Lesson 4 – Periodic Rest Room Cleaning

Lesson 5 – Rest Room Disinfection

Unit 455: Carpet & Upholstery Care ($100)

This course covers the many kinds of carpet in use today. Explains the importance of preventive maintenance. Gives step-by-step explanations of the various carpet-cleaning methods available, explaining which is best to use on different types of carpet. Covers stretching, bleeding, insect attack, and many other carpet problems, and suggests remedies. Concludes with a lesson on upholstery fabrics and their care.

Lesson 1 – Carpet Materials and Construction

Lesson 2 – Preventive Maintenance & Routine Carpet Cleaning

Lesson 3 – Periodic Carpet Cleaning

Lesson 4 – Carpet Care Problems

Lesson 5 – Upholstery Care