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Digital Logic Systems

This course provides the foundation for an understanding of how logic circuits work. It progresses from simple Boolean logic functions – AND, OR, NOT, NAND, and NOR gates – to applications in today’s common logic systems, including TTL and CMOS. While acknowledging the “black box” aspect of IC technology, these lessons explain enough about common solid-state devices to help trainees develop correct reasoning processes in troubleshooting the kinds of circuits they are likely to encounter.

Unit 291: Digital Logic Systems ($100)

This course covers the comparison of analog and digital switching circuits. Explains Boolean logic functions. Describes TTL and CMOS logic, as well as IC logic devices. Explains how flip-flops, clock circuits, counters, multiplexers, and memory circuits work. Describes the sections and interfaces in functional logic systems, including microprocessors. Describes proper methods for detection and correction of common fault potentials.

Lesson 1 – Digital Logic Fundamentals

Lesson 2 – Logic Building Blocks

Lesson 3 – Medium- and Large-Scale ICs

Lesson 4 – Functional Logic Systems

Lesson 5 – Troubleshooting Logic Systems