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Machine Tool Series

TPC Training Systems’ Machine Tool training series will educate your machine shop trainees on how to use basic hand tools, ways to best to plan and set up machine work, and utilizing layouts. They’ll also acquire the skills needed for true machine shop craftsmanship. The courses in the series present instruction in a slightly specialized format. All areas of instruction are divided into major sections, each beginning with a list of objectives the trainee will have achieved upon successful completion of that section. Numbered exercises appear in each section; almost every exercise presents a learning task that requires response from the trainee. Six books make up the complete training series.

Unit 161: Measurements ($80)

Linear measurements; Working with fractions; Using calipers and the rule depth gauge; Micrometer and vernier measurement; Developing a sense of touch; Working with decimals in reading a micrometer; Using the vernier caliper and micrometer; Other measuring instruments with vernier scales; Using the dial indicator.

Unit 162: Basic Hand Tools ($80)

Fundamental hand tools; Machinist’s bench vise, files, ball-peen hammers, chisels, wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, etc.; Reamers; Thread and taps, types and usage.

Unit 163: Work Planning and Setup ($80)

Holding work on slotted tables; Using clamps, blocks, jacks, and rods; Vises and their uses; Production jig; Holding work with chucks, between centers, and on face plates; Basic layout: lines, angles, shapes, circles, and three-dimensional shapes.

Unit 164: Metal Cutting Fundamentals ($80)

Ferrous and nonferrous metals; Identifying types of steels; Characteristics of metals and cutting techniques; Harig Speed and Feed Calculator.

Unit 165: Cutting Tools I ($80)

Use, mounting, and types of milling cutters; Form and special cutters; Climb vs. conventional milling; Lathe cutting tools; Lathe use; Making a tool bit and grinding a lathe bit.

Unit 166: Cutting Tools II ($80)

Use and abuse of twist drills; Sharpening twist drill bits; Using a grinding chart; Grinding wheels-how they work, their construction, and their markings; Mounting a grinding wheel; Proper dressing and conditions that prevent free cutting.