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Mechanical Maintenance Applications

The Mechanical Maintenance Applications training series includes courses designed to train your maintenance technicians on how to effectively repair common mechanical components. The series covers: mechanical and fluid drives, bearings and shaft seals, pump installation, pipe-fitting, tubing and hoses, valve maintenance. Mechanical troubleshooting guides are included.

Unit 341: Maintenance of Mechanical Drives ($100)

Covers alignment, particularly coupling alignment. Includes installation and maintenance of mechanical drives, from chain drives to enclosed gear drives.

Lesson 1 – Chain Drives

Lesson 2 – Belt Drives

Lesson 3 – Open Gear Devices

Lesson 4 – Enclosed Gear Drives

Lesson 5 – Drive Couplings

Unit 342: Mechanical / Fluid Drive Systems ($100)

Covers further details of drive maintenance, including brakes, clutches, and adjustable-speed drives. This course also covers maintenance and troubleshooting of fluid drives and package drive systems.

Lesson 1 – Mechanical Brakes and Clutches

Lesson 2 – Electric Brakes and Clutches

Lesson 3 – Adjustable-Speed Drives

Lesson 4 – Fluid Drives

Lesson 5 – Complete Drive Systems

Unit 343: Installing & Replacing Bearing & Shaft Seals ($100)

Bearing and Shaft Seal Maintenance covers plain bearings, their parts, dimensions, functions, and relining techniques. The course continues with installation and replacement of anti-friction bearings. Also covers linear motion bearings and shaft seals.

Lesson 1 – Plain Bearings

Lesson 2 – Installing Antifriction Bearings

Lesson 3 – Removing and Replacing Antifriction Bearings

Lesson 4 – Mounted Antifriction Bearings

Lesson 5 – Linear Motion Bearings and Shaft Seals

Unit 344: Pump Installation / Maintenance ($100)

Covers basic pumping concepts. Describes required maintenance of packing and seals. Covers maintenance and overhaul of centrifugal pumps. Concludes with maintenance of rotary pumps.

Lesson 1 – Basic Pumping Concepts

Lesson 2 – Maintaining Packing and Seals

Lesson 3 – Maintaining Centrifugal Pumps

Lesson 4 – Overhauling Centrifugal Pumps

Lesson 5 – Maintaining Rotary Pumps

Unit 345: Installation & Maintenance Pipefitting ($100)

Covers components and terminology used in piping systems. Also covers terminology, measurement, and maintenance of threaded, welded, and plastic piping systems. This course explains the use of pipefitting accessories-supports, traps, filters and strainers, and expansion joints.

Lesson 1 – Piping Dimensions and Terminology

Lesson 2 – Threaded Piping Systems

Lesson 3 – Welded Piping Systems

Lesson 4 – Plastic Piping Systems

Lesson 5 – Pipefitting Accessories

Unit 346: Installing & Maintaining Tubing and Hose Systems ($100)

Covers tubing specifications, materials, and fittings. Explains procedures used for handling, bending, cutting, and installing tubing. Gives basics of tubing in a hydraulic system. Describes hose systems and their functions. Concludes with gaskets, sealants, and adhesives.

Lesson 1 – Tubing Fundamentals

Lesson 2 – Installing Tubing

Lesson 3 – Hydraulic Tubing Systems

Lesson 4 – Hose Systems

Lesson 5 – Gaskets, Sealants, and Adhesives

Unit 347: Installing & Maintaining Valves & Piping System Protection ($100)

Covers maintenance and operation of gate, globe, ball, plug, check, and special-purpose valves. Details actuators and various accessories. Explains valve selection based on application. Describes methods of protecting piping systems.

Lesson 1 – Valve Maintenance

Lesson 2 – Special Valves

Lesson 3 – Actuators and Accessories

Lesson 4 – Valve Selection

Lesson 5 – Piping System Protection