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Packaging Machinery Maintenance

Maintaining packaging machinery is a demanding job that requires basic skills in electrical and mechanical techniques, plus specialized knowledge of the complex equipment unique to packaging operations. TPC’s Packaging Machinery training series of courses addresses specialized skills like casing machinery, an introduction and specific maintenance to packaging machinery.

Unit 311: Introduction to Packaging ($130)

Covers the job of packaging mechanic. Provides detail on major types of packaging machinery. Covers various mechanical drives, couplings, motors, brakes, variable speed drives, clutches, electrical controls, motor starters, event sequencing controls, time delays, and relays. Includes packaging specifics: types of materials, methods of filling, methods of sealing, weights, and volumetric measurements.

Lesson 1 – The Packaging Mechanic

Lesson 2 – Actuating Mechanisms

Lesson 3 – Problem Solving Principles

Lesson 4 – Mechanical Drives

Lesson 5 – Motors and Brakes

Lesson 6 – Electrical Controls

Lesson 7 – Packaging Materials

Lesson 8 – Methods of Filling

Lesson 9 – Methods of Sealing

Lesson 10 – Weighing and Measuring

Unit 312: Packaging Machinery ($130)

Covers operating and servicing various types of packaging machinery. Describes different types of liquid filling machines. Covers positive displacement fillers, filling, and sealing machines, as well as volumetric filling machines and blister packaging machines.

Lesson 1 – Gravity and Vacuum Filling

Lesson 2 – Bottle Filling and Capping

Lesson 3 – Pressure Liquid Filling

Lesson 4 – Aerosol Fillers

Lesson 5 – Bag Forming and Filling

Lesson 6 – Pouch Filling

Lesson 7 – Volumetric Filling Machines

Lesson 8 – Filling by Count

Lesson 9 – Positive Displacement Filling

Lesson 10 – Blister Packing

Unit 313: Casing Machinery ($130)

This course covers operating characteristics and service techniques of accessory or auxiliary machines used with packaging lines. Describes general operating characteristics of labeling equipment, uncasing, unscrambling, and cleaning machines, gluing equipment and adhesives, wrapping machines, tying, strapping, and stitching machines, and shrink wrapping devices.

Lesson 1 – Uncasing and Unscrambling

Lesson 2 – Cleaning and Washing

Lesson 3 – Gathering Machines

Lesson 4 – Cartoning Machines

Lesson 5 – Casing Machines

Lesson 6 – Wrapping Machines

Lesson 7 – Strapping and Stitching

Lesson 8 – Adhesives and their Application

Lesson 9 – Labeling and Coding

Lesson 10 – Maintenance and Safety