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Power Plant Operations

Steam generation is still the most important source of electrical power for utilities and industrial plants. TPC’s Power Plant Operations training series addresses the need of the power plant worker to understand basic principles of power generation and the safe, efficient operation and maintenance of the power plant itself. Detailed courses also provide a foundation for learning more of the technical aspects of power plant operations and maintenance.

Unit 111: How Power Plants Work ($100)

This course covers the basic steam generation system, how thermal energy is converted into electrical energy, components of the system, and design features for gaining thermal efficiency. Includes handling of water, fuel, and wastes, and the operating features and maintenance of a power plant.

Lesson 1 – Steam-The Primary Force

Lesson 2 – How Heat is Converted to Power

Lesson 3 – Power Plant Efficiency

Lesson 4 – Handling Water, Fuel, and Wastes

Lesson 5 – Power Plant Operation and Control

Unit 112: Generating Steam in the Power Plant ($100)

Covers energy principles and boiler maintenance. The course then explains coal, oil, and natural gas combustion, and how to conserve energy through improved combustion control.

Lesson 1 – Transforming Energy into Work

Lesson 2 – Boiler Operation

Lesson 3 – Boiler Maintenance

Lesson 4 – Combustion and How It Works

Lesson 5 – Steam Generation

Unit 113: Using Steam in the Power Plant ($100)

Covers how to conserve energy in turbines, auxiliaries, electric power generation, and air conditioning systems.

Lesson 1 – Turbines

Lesson 2 – Boiler Instrumentation, Controls, and Safety

Lesson 3 – Electrical Power Fundamentals

Lesson 4 – Electrical Systems Analysis

Lesson 5 – Air-Conditioning Systems