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Rigging & Equipment Installation

With the TPC Training Systems’ Rigging and Installation training series, your trainees receive the necessary knowledge required if the job is to be done with maximum efficiency and safety. The introductory course demonstrates the proper and safe use of ropes, chains, hoists, and cranes. The following training course shows how to apply these skills to the moving, leveling, aligning, and anchoring of equipment. The training series focuses on safety throughout each topic, especially when it comes to lifting, moving heavy equipment, and working in elevated positions.

Unit 318: Industrial Rigging Principles and Practices ($100)

Covers techniques and safeguards in the use of rope, chain, hoists, and scaffolding when moving heavy plant equipment and maintaining plant utilities. Industrial Rigging Principles and Practices is available in and course manual formats.

Lesson 1 – Introduction to Industrial Rigging

Lesson 2 – Wire Rope and Wire-Rope Slings

Lesson 3 – Chain and Metal-Mesh Slings

Lesson 4 – Fiber Rope and Webbing Slings

Lesson 5 – Industrial Hoists and Cranes

Lesson 6 – Operating Practices

Lesson 7 – Scaffolds and Ladders

Unit 319: Equipment Installation ($100)

Covers installation and maintenance procedures for large plant equipment. The course considers factors affecting proper installation in detail, from preparatory relocation of underground piping and wiring, through equipment anchoring, aligning, and test running.

Lesson 1 – Preparing the Site

Lesson 2 – Vibration Control and Anchoring

Lesson 3 – Moving and Setting

Lesson 4 – Leveling and Aligning

Lesson 5 – Checking and Test Running