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TPC Training Systems’ welding training series of courses starts by discussing how to read welding blueprints. Each welding course continues with training on welding of both gas and arc welding basics. The series includes course topics on specific “how-to” instructions on all types of welding practices. finally TPC’s welding training series also explains the proper procedures for brazing and cutting with welding equipment. Welding safety is also stressed throughout each associated course.

Unit 417: Welding Principles ($100)

This welding training course covers the fundamentals of industrial welding. Each topic stresses welding safety considerations and precautions. Covers both oxyfuel and arc welding equipment. Describes welding techniques and symbols. Discusses ways to avoid weld faults.

Lesson 1 – Fundamentals of Welding

Lesson 2 – Welding Safety

Lesson 3 – Oxyfuel Welding Equipment

Lesson 4 – Arc Welding Equipment

Lesson 5 – Welding Techniques

Lesson 6 – Avoiding Weld Faults

Unit 418: Oxyfuel Operations (Joining, Cutting & Surfacing) ($100)

The Oxyfuel Welding course covers the welding of ferrous and nonferrous metals. Describes oxygen cutting as well as brazing and soldering. The course concludes with discussing welding surfacing techniques.

Lesson 1 – Welding Ferrous Metals

Lesson 2 – Welding Nonferrous Metals

Lesson 3 – Oxygen Cutting

Lesson 4 – Brazing and Soldering

Lesson 5 – Surfacing Techniques

Unit 419: Arc Welding Operations ($100)

The Arc Welding course covers shielded metal arc welding basics, selecting electrodes for SMAW, gas metal and tungsten arc welding, preheating, reheating, welding ferrous and nonferrous metals, pipe welding, hard facing, and rebuilding.

Lesson 1 – Shielded Metal Arc Welding

Lesson 2 – Selecting Electrodes for SMAW

Lesson 3 – Gas Metal Arc Welding

Lesson 4 – Gas Tungsten Arc Welding

Lesson 5 – Other Welding Processes

Lesson 6 – Preheating and Postheating

Lesson 7 – Welding Ferrous Metals

Lesson 8 – Welding Nonferrous Metals

Lesson 9 – Pipe Welding

Lesson 10 – Hard Facing and Rebuilding