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Zoom Training

Local and International Training Class

APRC International Zoom Training Class

APRC zoom-based training classes are now open to all participants from Singapore, Malaysia, China, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, and other Asian countries in similar GMT time zones.

Separate zoom-based training can also be arranged for participants from other time zones including South Asia, Middle East, Europe, North America and South America.


Affordable Low Fees

Training fees for our zoom-based training are priced at 50% of our usual classroom training fees. Those with corporate training in mind can request for customized, exclusive training classes.


Flexible Schedule To Suit All

To minimize disruption to course attendance, the training date and time can be scheduled according to the needs of participants who may be from different time zones.


Training Conducted By Master Trainer

APRC training is conducted by a Master Trainer with a high level of consulting and training expertise to raise the participants’ level of knowhow, regardless of their background. After training, participants will be able to introduce the topics to their own staff as well as guide and supervise the implementation of the knowhow in their own organization.


APRC Illustrative Training Material

This provides step-by-step development of the topic with clear illustration to provide:

a) Detailed learning

b) Full comprehension

c) Correlation to the real world environment


Training Material

Training manual and workbook in PDF printable format will be delivered to every candidate. This is supported by the Master Trainer’s full and detailed explanation.


Courses Available for Zoom-Based Training:

1. 5S Successful Implementation

2. TPM Autonomous Maintenance

3. MTM-1 (7 days)

4. MTM-1B (4 days)

5. MTM-2 (5 days)

6. Basic-MOST (4 days)

7. Maxi-MOST (4 days)

8. Admin-MOST (4 days)

9. Mini-MOST (4 days)

10. Direct Time Study – Theory & Practice (4 days)

11. TRIZ Innovation (2 days)

12. Root Cause Analysis (2 days)

13. PM Analysis (2 days)

14. Value Engineering Analysis – Manufacturing (2 days)

15. Value Engineering Analysis – Construction (2 days)

16. Lean Manufacturing (2 days)

17. Value Stream Mapping (2 days)

18. QFD (2 days)

19. TOC (2 days)

20. Planned Maintenance (2 days)

21. Certified Lean Master (5 days)

22. Certified Lean Leader – Healthcare (5 days)

23. 7 QC Tools (2 days)

24. New Management & Planning Tool (2 days)

25. Problem Solving & Decision-Making (2 days)

26. Effective Presentation & Communication (2 days)

27. Train-The-Trainer (4 days)

28. IE Tools For Supervisors (4 days)

29. Setup Reduction Kaizen Method (2 days)

30. One-Piece Flow Kanban Production (2 days)

31. Equipment Performance Measurement – OEE and OPE (2 days)

32. Mistake Proofing (2 days)

33. Lean Kanban Production Line Design (2 days)

34. Lean Six Sigma – Yellow Belt (4 days)

35. Lean Six Sigma – Green Belt (6 days)

36. Lean Six Sigma – Black Belt (10 days)

37. How to design an Excel-based system to forecast manpower requirement for seasonal fluctuation in demand (Consulting Project Work)

38. How to design an Excel-based system to schedule manpower deployment in manufacturing operations (Consulting Project Work)



Enquiries and Request for Training

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